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In an ever-increasing market of regulation, Green Box Power was established to address the concerns of those who are looking to trade currency while adhering to the various changing laws surrounding the industry.

The priority at Green Box Power is to protect our customers and ensure that all capital protection and risk controls available are in place. We have revolutionized the currency trading industry with centralized execution of trades by our trading teams as well as our ability to handle, process and act onwide-ranging requests quickly.

Working with CC Group and BAANX WALLET, Green Box Power acts as an Introducing Agent. access to the world´s most secure online currency account and various commercial benefits, as well as access to cryptocurrencies, for spending and trading.

The team at Green Box Power is hand-picked for their wealth of experience and their ability to utilise our state of the art technology.


An account with Green Box Power allows users to access their balances in crypto and fiat currencies all in one place.

In each account, Users have 25 Fiat currencies and 3 cryptocurrencies that they can buy and sell.

Crypto Currencies Available: Fiat Currencies Available:
  • United States Dollars
  • Great British Pounds
  • Euro
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Australian Dollars
  • And over 30 more major currencies



where you can buy over 25 currencies AND crypto currencies…

All in 1 place!



*Subject to Contract

Green Box Power, focuses on providing our clients with helpful, up-to-the-minute advice and execution on currency purchases and exchanges as well as access to the latest technology.

Setting up an online banking account is easy, and one of our knowledgeable team can help in answering any questions and dispel any anxiety related to currency transactions.

For support with setting up an accountor for any technical or other enquiries, please don’t hesitate to request information by choosing one of the options below.

Green Box Power is powered by CC* and you can benefit now from the security that comes from being a client of CC. Your account is protected by the Bank of England and you gain all the comfort that comes from the extensive regulation and authorisations across CC and the CC Group.

Take advantage of the scale and technology at CC’s fingertips as a force in the global financial markets.

All clients receive the transparent pricing and service levels normally reserved for the world’s largest institutions.

Whether you are a private or a corporate client with just one click you have access to one of our 110 friendly staff…

GreenBoxPower is one of the leading currency traders globally, focused on ensuring its clients share its proficiency, remarkable knowledge pool and unparalleled service!

Currency Coin ICO launch… go to www.greenboxpower.com

* The CC ltd is authorised by the financial conduct authority under the electronic money regulations 2011 for the issuing of e-money and the provision of related payment services.

Road Map


Green Box Power is a new innovative solution providing a secure online currency account for clients’ FIAT and cryptocurrencies. This will offer a safer and more trustworthy location for such funds and allow clients to monitor and manage their own accounts online. It is being developed to offer seamless transactions and overall satisfaction in buying, selling and currency holding for all of our clients.

The current cryptocurrency ways of working use an antiquated system which does not offer the speed and security that will be offered by CC and BAANX WALLET through Green Box Power. This will service clients who are looking for a secure online location to store and access their holdings of FIAT and cryptocurrencies, which is convenient to use and simple to understand and operate.

There are two components, CC and BAANX WALLET. CC is a payment platform specialising in Fiat currencies. CC provides an outstanding online banking abd E-wallet platform for clients wanting to store, trade, transfer and spend on debit cards thier funds. The strong wallet encryption and cryptography that BAANX WALLET offers guarantees the security of clients’ funds and gives them complete control. The payment process that they have developed is quick and simple – a one-click, cross-chain process – using CurrencyCoin (the ICO token being developed for use with Green Box Power) and Ethereum cryptocurrencies.

Clients can be reassured in the knowledge that their FIAT or cryptocurrency will be protected, through their account, by the Bank of England. Funds will be kept in their own private wallet and clients will be able to manage and verify all transactions on their account, easily and simply online.

All transactions will be subject to a fee which will be payable in CurrencyCoin. Anticipated charges are as shown below:

  • US $0-$500
  • 1%
  • US $500-$20,000
  • 0.9%
  • US $20,000-$50,000
  • 0.85%
  • US $50,000+
  • 0.75%

With clients of Green Box Power having access to their accounts at CC and BAANX WALLET, audits and accountability will ultimately be the responsibility of the respective companies that hold clients’ currencies.

The software for the platform will be built with transparency at the heart of its architecture. The crypto part of the platform will be based on blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Registers and reports on all transactions will be maintained as part of the business protocols and, to enhance traceability and security, clients will be able to access their account at any time, They will also be able to check balances and verify transactions easily, 24 hours a day..

Upon the close of the ICO, Green Box Power will deliver the Currency Coin Tokens to investors own Ethereum wallet, such as My Ether Wallet or Metamask.

Green Box Power will adhere to all local governing laws and all relevant international laws. Green Box Power will be owned by a limited company setup in the jurisdiction of Jersey, United Kingdom. The Currency Coin is issued by a company in the BVI (British Virgin Islands) and subject to the laws of that jurisdiction.

No. Green Box Power acts as an Introducing Agent. You would become the client of the regulated entity CC and the client of BAANX WALLET. That respective entity would also be the Principal in the relevant product for both execution and delivery.

Please see below the terms applicable:

  • Hard Cap: 25million coins
  • 10million coins owned by Green Box Power have a lock up period of 2 years.
  • 5million coins are available for Staff and have a lock up period of 18months.
  • 10million coins are available for the token sale
  • Green Box Power owns all 25million coins on day 1 of the PRE-ICO
  • Target Funds Raised from ICO(Soft Cap) = US$1million
  • ICO closes: 31st of March 2019 or on reaching equivalent of US$3million in coin sales
  • At the end of the ICO all remaining unsold coins will be burnt.
  • All purchases and coins are live from day 1 of the Pre-ICO.
  • Currency accepted: Ethereum

Second ICO:

  • Soft Cap: £50 million
  • Hard Cap: 500 million Coins
  • Target Raise: £250 million
  • Coins Not sold: Will be burnt
  • All Currency Coin Tokenswill then be either converted to owning the distribution company or share in the profits of the distribution company.

When either the maximum capitalisation of US $3,000,000 is achieved, or on midnight on March 31st 2019, the contract will be executed and the CurrencyCoin tokens will be distributed.

The commitment to finalising and launching Green Box Power (with the Currency Coin Token) is absolute. The length of time required for the complete development of the advanced technology and including the integration required. Green Box Power will be launched and operational by an anticipated start date towards December 2018. See Road Map for further information.

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Our Team Small and well crafted.

The Management Team behind the development of Green Box Power is based in Dubai, Gibraltar and the UK. share a passion for innovating new solutions and defining the future of both distributed ledger and blockchain technologies. These skilled and experienced professionals have worked together for several years, and draw on the skills of individuals withtrading, legal, financial and technology backgrounds. The Team will continually collaborate with other individuals from the business world to provide further support and advice enabling Green Box Power to build and grow.

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